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About Me:

Hello, my name is Ben Adams and I'm an Information Technology major here at Radford University with a concentration on Web Development. I was born in Manassas, VA and have lived there ever since. But just because I've never moved doesn't mean I haven't seen the world. My family has always been big into taking family vacations to interesting locations all around the country and world. My most memorable would probably be when I went to Alaska for my cousin's wedding a few years ago. As for my interests, since before I can remember I've always had an avid interest for computers and how they work. So it's no surprise I chose IT as my major. I'm also a car nut and have had 5 cars and I'm only 23. Partially due to some unforeseen car problems, but also because I just love tinkering around with them and can't get turn down a good deal when I see one. In my spare time I love to play golf, and so does my dad so we always make sure to play a round whenever I'm at home (weather permitting of course).

Last Updated: December 08, 2008